Our goal is to provide good communication to all visitors in Japan
regarding if you are going for a business trip or a vacation.

Your smartphone and tablet allow you to find where to go, what to experience, who to see and how to do all of them, only with access to the Internet.

On the journey in a country you know little about, you especially need such information; also, you will want to share your greatest experiences in a foreign culture and atmosphere with your friends in your country. Particularly, Japan has a lot of things to share (and to be Liked on social media), including its anime culture, traditional crafts, and Japanese foods like sushi, tempura, sukiyaki and more. So, what’s the best way to stay connected to the Internet while traveling in Japan?

Global Advanced Communications (GAC) is the answer. We launched this WiFi rental service for travelers from abroad to enjoy their trip in Japan with secured and stable access to the Internet.

How Can We Make Your Trip Even Better?

Ask us anything about the service anytime, in English

1. Ask us anything about the service anytime, in English

  • The staff members are fluent in English.
  • When the pocket WiFi you got works improperly, we replace it with a new one on the same day.*1

Note 1: Only within Tokyo’s 23 wards. For other areas, it takes
one or two days.

The most affordable price

2. The most affordable price

  • The price we offer the products at is the most inexpensive compared with those of other service providers in the market.
To make your journey more memorable...

3. To make your journey more memorable…

  • We give away a free guidebook for a trip in Japan to all the customers.
  • We are currently running a campaign offering 90% off on rental mobile batteries.

Two Options We Offer

Rental Pocket WiFi

1. Rental Pocket WiFi

We have three plans available for your travel plan, based on the data traffic in need and how many days you need it.

Prepaid Rental SIM Card

2: Prepaid Rental SIM Card

We have four plans you can choose from for your trip, based on the data traffic you need.

Why GAC? Three Advantages of Choosing Us.


1. Customer support in English

English-speaking staff are available at all times through email, Facebook, WhatsAppand phone calls.


2. Support for trouble and loss of pocket WiFi

We immediately send a replacement in case of a loss or a malfunction with the device you receive. It takes only one or two days. We can deliver it on the same day in Tokyo’s 23 wards!
Note: In the event of losing the device you received, we will have to charge you a replacement fee.


3. Wide range of pick-up points

We can deliver the device you booked to airports, hotels or post offices. You can receive it wherever it is convenient for you. When you leave Japan, just put the device in a mailbox. It’s that easy!

User’s voice


André Jankavski


Great place for tourists.


Sarith Mand


Very easy set up. They speak really good English!! Good pricing as well they help you get a rough idea of how much you would need depending on how much you use your phone.


Carlos T


They charged me the price of the SoftBank Hybrid 4G and they gave me the Poket WiFi LTE, I asked and they said it was SoftBank not as listed on their website. Too bad they have to incur into this practices.
->Dear Carlos, thank you very much for choosing our service and leaving a review! You have rented our SoftBank Hybrid 4G/LTE. (4G and LTE are the alternative names for the same thing.) We apologize because this may confusing. We strive to give the best experience for all customers, and we hope you will visit us again.
Thank you very much once again.


Francis Richard


Top class customer service. I will definetely comeback. I will recomand everyone to come here 100/100.

Why Pocket WiFi is Needed in Japan

You want to share your experience on the go

1: You want to share your experience on the go

Let’s share what you see, hear, smell, taste and feel. Your post on social media will get reactions from your family and friends, which will be another spice of your journey.

You want to fully enjoy Japan

2: You want to fully enjoy Japan

No problem if you know little about where to go and what to see. Just search for information on your device with stable access to the Internet. That exploration itself will be a good travel experience.

It's easy to use

3: It’s easy to use

Pocket WiFi devices (or portable WiFi spots, mobile hot spots, or whatever you call them) are easier to use than rental SIM cards and other options. Just bring it with you and turn on the WiFi connectivity on your own smartphone or device. How can it be easier?

Go Out with a Handy Pocket WiFi!

Standard Plan

Standard Plan

Best for a solo traveler
Although the data traffic per day is limited, this is the most affordable plan good enough for a solo traveler. The 3 gigabytes of communication volume available per day allows you to:

  • Write and read 300,000 text messages
  • Show 7,500 pages of websites
  • Watch 1.5-5 hours of videos
Unlimited Plan

Unlimited Plan

Best for a group or family
Do you need the Internet access available for more than yourself? Let’s choose this unlimited plan, which has no limit on the data traffic. You can freely access the Internet to share your experiences or watch videos. It is also a good idea to live- stream your trip via a video call.

5G Unlimited Plan

5G Unlimited Plan

Best for a group or family who travel to big cities in Japan, like Tokyo, Osaka or Fukuoka
This is the plan that allows you to access the Internet via 5G (5th Generation Mobile Communication System). The fastest Internet connection will not let you down by the Internet connection error or the irritating speed like a snail.

Caution: In Japan, 5G connection is not available in some areas. In such areas, 4G connection is automatically used.

Let’s check if your destination has 5G connection in advance here.

Our focus is on:

  • Internet access anytime and anywhere in Japan.
  • Driving convenience and high quality communication services for you.
  • Listening to our customers and responding to their needs.

Global Advanced Communications (GAC) Profile

Company TFN Corporation
Headquarters Asano Bldg 1st FL, 2-27-8, Higashi-Nihonbashi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo, Japan, 103-0004
President Mamoru Nagaoka
Business Telecommunication services, E-commerce, Wholesale
Service Center E-mail info@globaladvancedcomm.com
Web site globaladvancedcomm.com
TEL +81-50-3196-1160(M to F 9:00-17:00JST)