Rent a pocket wifi is essential for international travelers in Japan.
Easy pick up & return. Our mobile hotspot will make your travel much easier!


Pocket WiFi Rental Plan 1,000yen off with Coupon Code. **Exclude SIM cards
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Pocket WiFi Rental Plan 1,000yen off with Coupon Code in Japan

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Why you need Rental
Pocket Wi-Fi in Japan

  1. Limited public Wi-Fi access: Unlike many other countries, public Wi-Fi access in Japan is limited, making it difficult for tourists and visitors to stay connected.
  2. Lack of data plans for foreign devices: Foreign devices may not be compatible with Japanese cellular networks, and data plans for foreign devices may be expensive or unavailable.
  3. Convenient for tourists: Rental Pocket Wi-Fi is convenient for tourists, who can stay connected anywhere they go, whether it be at the airport, on the train, or in their hotel room.
  4. High-speed internet: Japan is known for its high-speed internet, and rental Pocket Wi-Fi provides tourists with access to fast and reliable internet for their travels.

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