pocket wifi pickup lacation haneda airport

Haneda Airport Terminal 3 International

you can pick it up at here at Haneda Airport.

You may return the pocket Wi-Fi at the airport as well.

The address for returning the device. (Post office & Post box)
open hours Monday to Friday 9:00am ~17:00 am (closed on weekends and holidays)

■Terminal 1:
Post office 1st floor of the arrival lobby
・1 location for post box

■Terminal 1 (2nd floor)
・2 locations for post box 

■Terminal 2 (1st floor)
・1 location for post box

■Terminal2 (2nd floor)
・2 locations for post box

■Terminal 3 (1st floor)
・2 locations for post box in the entrance plaza
・1 location at departing lobby
Haneda Airport Terminal 3

Prepaid return envelope included !!
Just drop off at any japan red colour mail post box in Japan !!

When you get your package, you will receive the rental items, plus a prepaid return envelope.
To return the device to us, please enclose the rental items in the prepaid return envelope, seal it, and then drop it in any mailbox.
You will easily find mailboxes all around Japan, as well as at airports before the security gates.
You do not have to return the rental items to our office counter directly. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.