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Tempura are pieces of lightly battered, deep fried seafood and vegetables. Introduced to Japan during the 16th century by the Portuguese in Nagasaki, tempura has developed over the centuries into a popular Japanese dish both inside and outside of Japan.


Tempura Hatsuho(Akasaka Mitsuke)
Enjoy the taste and texture created by luxuriously using the precious Taihaku Ichiban Sesame Oil.
We are confident in serving tempura, tempura, and other tempura that you can enjoy every day in Akasaka. Great for welcoming guests or as a reward for yourself.

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tempura hatsuho akasaka-mitsuke

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Tempura served in a tatami room is sure to be a relaxing experience! You can also eat Kuroge Wagyu beef tempura, which is a luxury!

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Isshin kaneko (Iidabashi,Tokyo)
Isshin Kaneko is fried by the chefs of Isshinkai, the only tempura specialist and Japanese cuisine introduction agency founded in 1908. With the idea that “we want you to enjoy the ‘skills’ of tempura chefs when they are freshly fried,” we serve each piece of tempura that has been fried by our chefs to you. A restaurant where you can casually enjoy the traditional flavors of tempura and tempura set meals during the day, and tempura courses at night. Please enjoy the luxurious tempura at the immersive counter seats.

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Tempra Kondo (Ginza,Tokyo)
The essence of tempura: steaming.
People may think of tempura as a fried-food, but I look at it as a steamed dish, too. The use of heat and moisture is utilized to maximize the umami of ingredients and the umami enclosed within the batter.
Even after you remove a piece of tempura from the hot oil, the residual heat will continue to steam the ingredient inside the fried batter, which help to bring out its distinctive flavor.
Delicious tempura cannot be made unless you factor residual heat into the timing of cooking the tempura just right. This is the kind of dish that tempura is.

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