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***Although we advertise that the WiFi provides unlimited data, your internet connection may be throttled by the network provider
when when your average data consumption exceeds around 3GB per day.
This is due to the fair use policy, which is common with mobile internet devices.
In order for you to enjoy your trip, we recommend using the pocket WiFi for a relatively light internet activity.
**Fair Usage Policy… It is a policy the network providers ensure that everyone can have the best internet service.
For the reason, users who are using a large amount of data may have their speeds slowed down or suspended.

***Any person who distributes copyrighted audio or video files on the internet without permission shall be punished with imprisonment for a term which may extend to ten years or with a fine of not more than 10,000,000 yen, or with both.

***Any person who knowingly downloads illegally uploaded audio or video files even for personal use shall be punished with imprisonment for a term which may extend to 2 years or a fine of not more than 2,000,000 yen.

Some Pocket WiFi rental companies offers only monthly price rates, and may be inconvenient for customers who plan to stay in Japan for a short time.
We have a more flexible pricing system, which calculates the rental fee by days, starting from a minimum of 4 days.