How to profile setting

The following settings have been registered at the time of shipment.
If you had RESET the device, you have to need to set the following connection setup operations

Connect to 601HW on your PC or Mobile Phone and Start the web browser,
Enter “http://web.setting” in the address entry field.
(even if no signal, only can connect to “http://web.setting”)

profile setting

①Click “Login” at the top right of the displayed setting tool screen
②Enter Passward “admin”
③Click “login”
*NOTE : If “Your login password is too weak. Please change your password to avoid security problems.” is displayed,
click the “Later” button to proceed. Please don’t change the password.

profile setting
①Top menu “Settings” → click “Mobile network settings”
②Click “Profile Management”
③Click “New Profile” on the bottom right.
Enter the following required information and click the “Apply” button.
profile setting

①Profile NameSB
②APN Nameplus.4g
③User Nameplus

Choose pulldown▼
⑤Authorization : CHAP
⑥click “Save”

profile setting
After saving, if the “Antenna” and “Globe” icons on the upper right turn light blue, it’s done. Please log out and close the screen.


Thank you!