How to profile setting

The following settings have been registered at the time of shipment.
If you had RESET the device,you have to need to setting following connection setup operations


*connect to WX04 on your PC or Mobile Phone and Start the web browser ,
Enter “” in the address entry field.
(even if no signal, only can connect to “”)

*You can change languages in English.
profile setting
Click “Top Page”
profile setting
Click ”advanced setting top”
profile setting
NOTE : Please only Enter WX04 device IMEI last 5 digits.
①Enter WX04 IMEI last 5 digits ②Click “設定”
profile setting
Click “Advanced Setting Top”
profile setting
Enter “admin” to “ユーザー名” and
“WX04 device IMEI last 5 digits to パスワード” Then Click “ログイン”
profile setting
①Click “Network Setting” ②Click “Profile Setting” ③Pull down “no setup”
profile setting
*Please enter the information below
①Profile NameSB
②APN Nameplus.4g
③User Nameplus

Choose pulldown▼
⑤Authentication type : CHAP
⑥IP Type : IPv4

profile setting

Click “Save”

profile setting

①Click ”Basic Setting” ②pull down “High Speed Plus Area Mode” ③Click ”Apply”

profile setting

Please check if the “Antenna” and “Wi-Fi” icons on the upper right turn light blue, it’s done.


Thank you!