Recommend Sushi Place

Sushi is a must-try at least once when you come to Japan!
Here are some of our recommendations. Some are well-known and some have unique concepts!



Recommend Ramen Place

Ramen is so popular even overseas that people are willing to wait in line to try it! Whether you like Ichiran or Ippudo or are tired of them, this is a must see!



Recommend Okonomiyaki Place

Okonomiyaki originated in the Kansai region, but one of its characteristics is that you can enjoy many types of okonomiyaki, such as Hiroshima-yaki and modern-yaki. There are many downtown restaurants in the Tokyo area that you will surely like!



Recommend Tempura Place

Tempura is a side dish that is sometimes eaten with sake and sometimes with rice, such as tempura soba on top of soba noodles or tempura rice bowl. Many people eat it with sake, so if you want to become a Japan connoisseur, check here first!



Recommend Yakitori Place

Many yakitori restaurants are becoming more and more particular about their chicken, but I want to eat good yakitori! If you want to eat delicious yakitori, please take a look at this page! You can enjoy yakitori with wine.



Recommend Soba Place

More and more people are trying buckwheat noodle making when they come to Japan, and because it is healthy, it is also popular among people from overseas. Soba is a food of good luck, so Japanese people have also eaten soba for New Year’s Eve and other celebratory occasions since ancient times. If you have never had it, you must try it!